Film Review: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

“I’ve never retired anything that was born before.”

A masterful sequel that solves some of the original’s mysteries while compounding a myriad of other ones and gives us sci-fi expressionism as hard as diamond. Like with Twin Peaks: The Return earlier this year, I somehow feel like this is a world from a bygone era the likes of which we may never be able to visit again. At least, not in the same way. In a film-making landscape with speculative films that are often so homogeneous, it’s as staggering to me as realizing I’m a replicant (but, like, in a good way) when a movie and a world that is so unquestionably its own in every aspect arrives. Well, returns.

My VHS cover pull-quote: “I watched this several moons ago and it still lingers in my thoughts. I dream of it during my counting of electric sheep.”

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