Catnap” – HAD, 2023

In which the cat and I escape from that place to the black and white bathroom.

Cul-de-sac (my debut novel!) – Montag Press, 2022

In which our suburban trauma is fictionalized and suspended in a gooey, bizarre stasis.

“Old Jo Has Always Delivered the Mail Around Here” – Meow Meow Pow Pow Lit, 2022

In which Old Jo delivers the letter for which you’ve been waiting.

“Library Paste” – HADđź’€ , 2022

In which the librarian requests the patron’s library card.

Child Lucia & Other Library Fabula” (my debut chapbook!) – Ethel Zine & Press, 2021

In which the logged happenings at the library are numerous and strange.

The Stoat” – X-R-A-Y, 2021

In which we follow the soot-furred stoat.

Estate” – Parhelion Literary Magazine, 2021

In which the family home is inherited.

Our Dog Most Recently” – Milk Candy Review, 2021

In which our dog is stuck in a time loop.

Bonus: Interview about the story!

From the Orientation Manual: Re-acquiring Missing Books” – Inside the Underground Zine, 2021

In which the new night librarian learns the ropes.

Non-Place Cartography” – Screenshot Lit, 2021

In which we make a map of the places that aren’t.

Ode to a dinosaur, gone from her cage” – Toho Journal, 2021

In which we remember the lost.

Candlelit” – Breadcrumbs Magazine, 2021

In which they place the candles for the restaurant’s evening rush.

Insulation” – Inside the Underground Zine from Jerks Productions (Issue 3), 2020

In which the insulation in the attic consumes Gretchen.

Push to Exit” – Back Patio Press, 2020

In which admin installs a button in the workers’ break room.

In Residence” – Coffin Bell Journal, 2020

In which Jordan enters the room beyond the library’s archives.

Double Feature” – SORTES Magazine, 2020

In which Olivia and Cam meet Olivia and Cam at a double feature.

An Ending” – Milk Candy Review, 2020

In which a kiss becomes connective tissue.

In Spirit” – Twist in Time Magazine, 2020

In which Claudia’s spirit crawls out of her mouth.

“Did They Forget” – South Broadway Ghost Society, 2019

In which David forgets to bring the bones their salads.

Tuesday at the Free Infusion Library of New Lawton” – Bending Genres, 2019

In which Gene works alone.

We Understand One Another” – Breadcrumbs Magazine, 2019

In which we die on the trail to the movies.

Belfry” – Teleport Magazine, 2019

In which we aspire to be the bravest bat and go just a little space mad.

Chimera” – Temple U Libraries Short Edition Contest, 2019 *WINNER* (*runner-up*)

In which the chimera woman calls the library again.

Trap Holds” – Twist in Time Lit Mag, 2019

In which we revel together in libraries’ past.

Bio” – X-R-A-Y Lit Mag, 2019

In which Ernest Sheetz is finally published.

Probably a doghouse, but I’m not sure since there’s no dog around” – Moonchild, 2018

In which we enter Silent Hill with Mr. Tsuboyama

On the banks of my loving memories” – Pidgeonholes, 2018

In which a loved one is rebooted in their new robot body.

Dallas in the Trees” – Breadcrumbs Magazine, 2018

In which two parents climb their son’s impossible treehouse.

Dry Laugh Here” – Maudlin House, 2016
In which an aging comedian gets onstage.

Inter” – Between Worlds Zine, 2016 *Defunct*
In which a man tries to find the universe that’s right for him.

Granny Smith” – Ovunque Siamo, 2017
In which a couple eats apples.

Uncle Fred Has Never Looked Better” – Ghost Parachute, 2018
In which my Uncle Fred comes back to life.

Chaser” – FIVE:2:ONE, 2017
In which an ambulance chaser chases an ambulance.

To the parents of Caroline” – FIVE:2:ONE, 2017
In which the production company responds to Caroline’s letter.

Dr. Grusvalt” Ovunque Siamo, 2018
In which renowned mad scientist Dr. Grusvalt moves out.

Feel-Goods in an Unabashed Dystopia” – Empyreome Magazine, 2017
In which we enjoy the brew.

*In my past lives, I don’t think I was a writer. I think I was a trash compactor.